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DNS Series Dual-MPPT, Single-Phase
DNS Series Dual-MPPT, Single-Phase
DNS Series Dual-MPPT, Single-Phase

Founded in 2010, GOODWE is a leading company that focuses on the research and manufacture of photovoltaic inverters and storage solutions
GOODWE, ranked among the top 5 solar inverter manufacturers (according to Bloomberg, IHS & Mackenzie)
A monthly sales volume of 30,000 pieces in 2019 and 12GW installed in more than 100 countries.
GOODWE is our partner and supplier of DNS series wich is a perfect match for residential installations thanks to its compact size and light weight. Manufactured for durability and longevity under modern industrial standards, GoodWe DNS series is IP65 rated so it can be mounted either inside or outside your home. The GoodWe DNS series is also
extremely light - just 14kg, about 30% lighter than other inverters.

High Performance Guaranteed
  • IP65
  • Lowest Startup Voltage @ 120V
  • Quiet Operation
  • Wide MPPT Range
  • Built-in Anti-Reverse Function